Monorail systems

CTI monorail systems are overhead transport systems which operate above production or traffic areas

Thanks to the overhead installation of CTI monorail systems, valuable production areas are not required as transport paths.

Advantages of monorail systems :

  • production units can be supplied and emptied overhead, with various production sites and stores interlinked
  • the monorail system can also be designed as a buffer store
  • with the rail and point systems used, almost any course can be implemented
  • variations in level are overcome by means of special lifting and lowering stations

The monorail systems are fitted with the latest driving and control technology in order that they can be integrated into complex material handling systems.


Patent Track is based on a steel rail with bottom flange of steel with particularly good resistance to wear. The monorail vehicle travels on the bottom flange of the Patent Track systems and is ideally suited to heavy loads of up to 40 tons.

History & production

CTI Systems, former Cleveland Tramrail International S.A., started production in 1963 with standard TARCA track crane and monorail systems. The TARCA track was developed by Cleveland Crane & Engineering and has been continuously improved, first by the American mother company and later by CTI Systems, in order to achieve an optimal solution in track design and construction. It was the world’s first continuously-welded composite monorail-type track.

The unique feature of the Patent Track is its method of manufacturing which ingenuously welds a specially rolled high-carbon alloy steel rail with raised treads to a mild steel topflange and web.  

The Patent Track is an outstanding engineering advancement pioneered by CTI Systems. The Patent Tracks for straight or curved applications is manufactured under controlled conditions and the system reliability is assured by automatic continuous welds. All factors like track material, track design, loading and usage frequency, severity of stresses, general working and building conditions, must be considered and planned  when rails are designed. Experience with the most severe kind of service has shown that the Patent Track holds up well for unusually long periods, for heavy loads and for long spans. Throughout the years, it has been widely acclaimed by enthusiastic users and still today the Patent Track is the basis for special overhead material handling systems designed by CTI Systems.

  • Monorail systems
  • Monorail systems
  • Monorail systems
  • Monorail systems


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