Aircraft manufacturing

Engineered solutions for aircraft manufacturing

CTI Systems offers a comprehensive scope of products and services for internal logistics, e.g:

CTI Systems is specialized in sensitive and precise handling of heavy, voluminous and bulky materials.

Realized solutions (selection) for aircraft manufacturers:

  • A320 workstations modification in final assembly line
  • A330/A340 fuselage panels handling for rigging, sanding, filling, masking & chemical milling
  • A330/A340 wing panels: jigs for final rigging, pretreatment,transfer from/into paint booth and electric plating
  • A350 XWB fuselage panel handling for demoulding, trimming, curing and inspection
  • A380 fuselage panels: transfer and pre-positioning systems
  • A380 stabilizer: computer controlled handling crane system
  • B737 NG and B787 dreamliner: Telehandler for winglet, flaps, slats assembly
  • B747 Jumbo Jet: MLG handling device for landing gear assembly
  • B787 dreamliner mandrel section: 3-D handling system for handling during autoclave processing
  • Delta IV rocket: supply of overhead crane systems for parts handling in galvanizing plant
  • Modification of existing material flow to replace chrome based anodizing
  • Integrated material flow for interconnection of treatment and processing lines
  • Automated high-bay warehouse for large size tooling/ jigs & sheet metals


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