CTI Systems supplies first class facilities for aircraft painting

At CTI Systems you will find advanced solutions for safe and quick aircraft painting.


Firstly developed for Boeing, and patented to CTI in 1974, we are now the undisputed world market leader in the teleplatform segment.

Regular developments and close cooperation with Airbus as part of the new AIRBUS A380 and A350 paint hangars led to the latest, thoroughly successful generation of teleplatforms. Especially for aircraft paint applications these telescoping work platforms prove their great advantages: quick, safe and flexible access options on a wide range of aircraft types. The floor areas in the hanger remain free and can be used without hindrance.

Prepared appliances and instrument boxes on the platforms contain the necessary equipment for the next step for:

  • sanding
  • cleaning
  • masking
  • painting
  • inspections
  • repairs

Once the equipment boxes have been quickly and simply exchanged, the work sequences can be continued without longer interruptions, meaning that the aircraft turn-around times can be considerably reduced

Designated safety and ergonomic features (e.g. vector controls, CTI developed safety devices) contribute to the special work environment and allow short aircraft turn-around-times.


Individually configured aircraft paint dock systems contain all necessary media supplies and equipment for simultaneously workinging on any aircraft areas. 

Aerial Jib Platform (AJP)

The AJP is an advanced aircraft access solution, specially developed for aircraft painting purposes or similar related tasks such as sanding, polishing, cleaning, sealing or touch painting. Especially when roof suspended teleplatforms cannot be applied at existing premises, the AJP may be an optional solution for your tasks. The AJP fits for narrow body aircraft including A320 & B737 series as well as similar sized aircraft.

 This special tool suits best for hangars with low roof structure or lightweight hangar structures. In order to guarantee a complete coverage of the narrow body aircraft, a total of four AJP's shall be installed. In operation mode, all AJP's shall be fixed on its dedicated location near the aircraft. The hangar door located AJP's will be mobile on floor integrated rails, allowing quick & safe hangar entry & leave. There is no carrier moving along aircraft envelope during operation, thus minimizing the aircraft damage risk.

Painting - Aviation & Space
Painting - Aviation & Space
Painting - Aviation & Space
AJP- Aerial Jib Platform - Painting
Painting - Aviation & Space