Engine handling

Safe engine transportation through maintenance and test centers

Besides access solutions for MRO and aircraft painting, CTI also manufactures facilities for the safe handling of enginesin MRO and test centers.

CTI patented crane track

For numerous companies we have already successfully installed patented monorail crane track and carrier systems for handling aircraft engines, both in engine overhaul (JPC) and engine test facilities (test cells). This technology has proved to be the ideal equipment, due to the easy and safe overhead transport method.

Crane tracks suspended from the ceiling or floor mounted gantry cranes allow transfers of complete engines or engine components. Both variations can be operated either manually or semi-automatically.

CTI supply range

  • Motorized transfer cranes with interlockings for in-hall transport
  • Crane trolleys with twin winches and pantented CTI monorail gantry systems for engine transport
  • PLC-operated slewing cranes for engine orientation and alignments
  • Manual workstations, individual height adjustable for optimized access
  • Jigs and handling devices on the work stations
  • Work platforms for engine test runs

All components are desgined for the dismantling / re-assembly processes in JPC's (Jet Propulsion Centers) or for preparing the engine test runs in the test bed.

CTI supplies manual workstations, jigs and special handling equipment so that all customer requirements of their overall system can be fulfilled.

Areas of operations

Individual system components can be applied either for single work stations or alternatively configured to an  make overall concept with integrated transfer and workstations.

The following areas within JPC's and test cells are supported:

  • Preparation area
  • Test bed
  • Engine intake station
  • Repair stations
  • Transfer tracks (mono or bi-rail system)
  • Dismantling and re-assembly lines
  • Transfer bridges or guide ways (by mono or bi-rail system)
  • Lifting stations
Engine handling - Aviation & Space
Engine handling - Aviation & Space
Engine handling - Aviation & Space
Engine handling - Aviation & Space