Developing competences

The skills and commitment of all the CTI employees are crucial to meet the technical and commercial challenges encountered every day.

Considering the high level of automation and technology of the CTI products, the company recruits highly-qualified employees from a broad range of disciplines. Our core competencies in mechanical and electrical engineering, in programmable logic controllers and process automation, in costing pre-enginerring and project management, contribute considerably to the success of our company.

However and precisely for that reason, it remains a priority to invest considerable efforts and resources into training our employees. A holistic training program is set up and any training needs, whether identified by the employee or called for by technological developments, are taken into account.

Creativity, flexibility, mobility, team orientation, motivation and commitment – these are the qualities that foster the mutual relationship between CTI and its employees, thereby ensuring the company’s long-term success.

Developing competences - Company