Intralogistics systems for long profiles

Boosting your production volumes while dealing with increasing product diversity!

The current trend towards product individualisation is increasingly affecting industrial sectors even outside the consumer goods industry.  In particular, people’s growing ambition towards highly customised designs for their living and housing environment leads to a sharply increasing variety of related product demand.

 For the manufacturers of such goods, this trend call for smaller batch sizes despite a constantly growing pressure on costs. Smaller and raising numbers of batches generate more and more complex production sequences that have to be reliably coordinated.

To cope with this steady transformation, the industry needs to adopt highly flexible production strategies and processes, often including a smart and safe integration of man-machine interfaces.

Widely experienced in highly dynamic handling and storage solutions, CTI Systems relies on a deep understanding of its customers’ needs, allowing to:

  • offer intuitive solutions to support operators in their daily tasks
  • streamline material flows, from your product orders to production preparation
  • plan and optimize process scenarios, making best use of our in-house developed digital plant management tools
    • MFC (Material Flow Control)
    • WMS (Warehouse Management System)
    • MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

… all offered with required interfaces to our customers’ ERP systems.

Our products and solutions optimised for long profiles

  • Stacking warehouse, allowing a high storage density of products:
    • Dynamic batch preparation achieved through an additional automated picking shuttle


  • High-bay warehouse with rack stacker, for a most direct access to each storage place


  • Honeycomb storage, the proven solution to store in depth:
    • Double-exchange principle: rack stacker based design
    • Multi-shuttle: the highest dynamic solution for production batch preparation


  • CTI’s latest generation Order Picking Warehouse:
    • A combination of a high-bay warehouse with a downstream, dynamic order picking warehouse has proven to be a particularly efficient solution for very large product variety
    • The individually prepared product carriers guarantee a maximum throughput in subsequent work processes and enable highly flexible production processes even for the smallest batch sizes

Let’s get in touch

 With our expertise, we aim to your partner of choice for improving the efficiency of your production facilities by adapting to the new challenges of the current markets.

 Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

Intralogistics systems for long profiles
Intralogistics systems for long profiles
Intralogistics systems for long profiles
Intralogistics systems for long profiles
Intralogistics systems for long profiles
Intralogistics systems for long profiles