Maintenance lines for railway vehicles

CTI Systems develops solutions for maintaining of trains and railway vehicles

Today’s workshops are confronted with maintaining different types of trains and railway vehicles or maintaining one single series. Both situations require highly sophisticated and specialised infrastructure which is, once installed, not sufficiently flexible and therefore does not allow maintenance costs to be reduced by making continuous improvements.

Furthermore, it is not practical to adapt the infrastructure afterwards when it comes, for example, to integrating a different or additional type of vehicle than that foreseen i the maintenance schedule.

CTI therefore provides equipment to help clients stay flexible as much as possible in the long run and help the short term reduction of maintenance costs by permitting the continuous improvement of the maintenance processes.


  • CTI teleplatforms grant quick and safe access to all railway vehicles, especially to the roofs but also to the sides and the front
  • clear floor areas
  • ergonomic and safe working conditions
  • shortest downtimes

Automated guided vehicles (AGV)

AGVs offer integrated flexible floor-level conveyors

The use of AGVs permits the reduction of travel paths for the operators and thus helps reduce the maintenance time, as the mainenance work no longer has to e interrupted.

Thanks to the omnidirectional drive technology of the AGVs, access to every location in the maintenance hall is granted and spare and wear parts are quickly and continuously delivered to the place of maintenance.