Railway industry

CTI Systems plan, produce and install full automatic manufacturing lines for the production of railway vehicles

The automatic production line manages the automatic material flow of different components and sub-assemblies like bogies during the assembly stages.

The flow is assisted by automated guided vehicles (AGV), and contains the following equipment:

  • Automatic Control Work Platforms (ACP) which are equipped with a support and lifting unit for payload of 7 tons
  • Automatic Overhead Carriers (OC) which are equipped with a special lifting frame for the assembled parts (payload of 10 tons)
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) which are responsible for the material flow of all smaller parts for payloads of 5 tons 

Besides the AGVs, CTI Systems offer a comprehensive scope of products and services for the internal logistics, e.g:

The production line is under control of a CTI management system.