Nuclear Decommissioning

Nuclear Decommissioning

D&D and Waste Management

CTI Systems' huge knowledge base and dedication to manufacturing excellence means that it can serve the nuclear industry with a wide range of bespoke systems and handling, transport and intralogistics products for such essential and mission critical tasks as:

  • D&D in nuclear power plants;
  • Container and cask loading;
  • Temporary waste treatment systems;
  • Centralised waste treatment facilities;
  • Container and cask handling;
  • On-site storage.

Our Products and Solutions

The broad and varied solutions offered by CTI Systems for the nuclear industry, include:

  • Customised crane solutions for D&D and waste treatment;
  • Telescopic platforms and AJPs for automatic scanning solutions and large surface decontamination;
  • AGVs for floor-based transport of material, casks, drums, containers, etc.;
  • Handling and transport systems for materials and containers;
  • Monorail – Tarca® Systems for efficient material flow;
  • Mobile Modular Tarca® Systems for maximum material flow flexibility and adaptability.
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