Automated guided vehicles

CTI AGVs offer integrated flexible floor transport solutions

The range of AGVs is mainly used for transportation of heavy loads or odd sizes.

Typical applications include internal logistics systems for piece goods manufacturers and assembly lines.

AGV systems are used indoors but could also be used outdoors of buildings and consist of the following components:

  • One or several AGVs
  • A guidance system (magnets, wire, optical ...)
  • A navigation supervisor control system
  • Data transmission equipment
  • Infrastructure and peripherals

Benefits of an AGV System

  • ROI and cost reductions
  • Discharge of manpower
  • Transport in any type of Environment
  • 24/7 working capability
  • Safe working environment
  • Reduce product damage/eliminate errors in material flow
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase of consistency, precision and timeliness
  • Maintain better control of material management

An AGV meets requirements and expectations to deliver an innovative an qualitative transport replying to the requirements of different industries.



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