Aircraft dock systems

CTI designs tailor-made dock systems and modules for aircraft maintenance work (MRO)

CTI aviation maintenance docks are designed for:

Functionality of an aircraft maintenance dock

Working platforms are arranged along the aircraft to enable simultaneous access of any respective working area. This will always take into consideration relevant aircraft dimensions and the safest working conditions for service personnel. The CTI design is aimed at minimizing the docking/undocking procedure and thus ensures the short aircraft downtimes. All aircraft components needing regular maintenance can be worked on at the same time. To protect the service personnel and provide ergonomic working conditions, convenient passageways are planned among other things.

To ensure functional tests and the exchange of aircraft components, CTI docks are equipped with sliding platforms or flaps.

Taking electrical power, illumination, compressed air and various other media into account is evidence of the high standard of the dock systems from our engineering department.

Floor-based or suspended systems – the best solution in each case can be delivered to meet specific needs. .


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