Being the inventor of teleplatforms, CTI Systems is the market leader in the aviation industry with this product today

Repeatedly milestones were set in order to grant state of the art technology for ergonomic handling at safest working conditions.

Teleplatforms are elevated telescoping working platforms specifically designed and developed by CTI Systems to enable safe and quick access to raised aircraft working areas.

  1. Overhead arrangement – free aircraft parking at any fleet mix

1. application in the aviation industry

Initially invented by CTI Systems and first applied in the Boeing B747 production process, CTI Systems has the largest number of teleplatforms in service for aircraft manufacturers, airlines and MRO companies with the most important market share. From the earliest design to the latest high-tech performance, generations of service personnel have experienced the reliability, longevity and user friendly designs of CTI’s teleplatform solutions.

Developed for aircraft service, they are used in aircraft hangars to enhance the performance of:

  • aircraft manufacturing and assembly
  • aircraft light (line) maintenance
  • aircraft cleaning, paint stripping, masking and re-paint processes
  • aircraft overhaul

Elevated working platforms, so called ‘Teleplatforms’, are an original CTI development for quick access of raised aircraft working areas.

Suspended from a specific crane trolley, a telescoping mast equipped with a working platform can be lowered to the hangar floor to allow working personnel entry and lift themselves to any elevated aircraft service area.

Either running in runway beams of an available overhead crane or specially installed for this certain application, the teleplatforms can be operated in any hangar area of the spanned crane system, hereby even rotating the work platform in relation to any running direction. Alternating use and interchanging with the crane hoist trolley within the same runway beams can be provided, as well as parking positions, when the system is not in use.  back to top 

2. Overhead arrangement – free aircraft parking at any fleet mix

The major benefit is the overhead arrangement, which allows aircraft access in any free aircraft parking configurations within line maintenance hangars. Nose-in or tail-in position and even angularly parked aircrafts can be served. Thereby any aircraft fleet mix can be accessed to offer best possible contribution to the normal daily hangar operations, in which aircraft service must be finished within a few hours only and the aircraft fleet to be served is foreseeable at short notice only.

This proves the Teleplatforms as a ‘must have’ equipment at most modern aircraft service centersback to top 

3. Quickest aircraft access

Further advantage is the quick and easy movement of the platform which is safeguarded at all times by a number of safety features against each other, the building or the aircraft. The platform can be lowered to the hangar floor which makes it easily accessible of the service personnel and their respective tools. No further access device is required and therefore any available hangar location can be used. Set-up times can be minimized, as the interchanging of necessary toolboxes or equipment from/onto the platform can be performed quick and easy due to CTI’s own modular design. back to top 

4. Advanced features for safety and ergonomics 

CTI teleplatforms come equipped with an integrated collision protection system. This ensures that the aircraft will not be subject in any way to damage by the teleplatform. The lifting system is a fail-safe design.

Motion is controlled by the CTI-developed RMC (relative motion control) system, which takes into account the current working platform position. By moving the joystick on the control panel, the platform will move in controller view’s direction, as long as this is fixed within the respective console. Furthermore, the RMC always re-calculate any current rotated position of the working platform in relation to the crane runway or crane bridge direction.

Thanks to this user friendly and easy to operate new system, the possibility of errors caused by failure to comply within the operating rules is greatly reduced.

Working platforms can be equipped with any necessary accessory and media including:

  • Hot and cold water supply
  • Compressed and respiratory air
  • Electrical sockets and lighting
  • Auxiliary lifting units up to 500 KG
  • Safety ropes for fall protection
  • Evacuation devices
  • Etc.

Special attention given in relation to aircraft paint tasks, any aircraft paint installation will be explosion-proof. back to top 

5. Latest hangar design concepts

By following the latest constructed hangars, which have been designed to accommodate aircraft line and heavy maintenance services, the majority of the hangar space has been left free for aircraft positioning for line maintenance. Only one, max. two designated locations have been foreseen for heavy maintenance and overhaul services with their respective equipment (docks, floor pits etc.), but even those can be serviced by Teleplatforms in any case, if required.

An additional aircraft paint bay can be planned in a separate, but adjacent building in any case of request.  back to top 


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