Being the inventor of teleplatforms, CTI Systems is the undisputed market leader in the aviation industry today

We have repeatedly set milestones in the development of this product in order to use state of the art technology for ergonomic handling under the safest working conditions.

Teleplatforms are telescoping working platforms, operated using cranes and developed by CTI Systems to enable safe and quick access to high up aircraft areas.

  1. Overhead arrangement – unrestricted parking configuration and universal fleet mix

1. Application in the aviation industry

The platform patented in 1974 was invented by CTI Systems and first applied in the Boeing B747 production process, CTI Systems now has the largest number of teleplatforms in service at aircraft manufacturers, airlines and MRO companies. From the original design to the latest high-tech standard, generations of service personnel have come to appreciate the reliability, longevity and user friendliness of CTI’s teleplatforms.

Teleplatforms were developed to allow service personnel to access the aircraft. These days they improve working conditions in the following areas:

  • aircraft manufacturing and assembly
  • aircraft line maintenance
  • aircraft cleaning, paint stripping, masking and re-painting
  • aircraft overhaul

A telescoping mast equipped with a working platform is suspended from a special crane trolley. The work level is lowered to the hangar floor to allow the mainenance personnel to enter  and then lift move to the required position on the aircraft in 4-D mode (3 linear and 1 rotational axis).

Teleplatforms can be used in any area of the hanger located underneath the crane tracks. In this respect they move in the bridges of the indoor crane provided. It is also possible to rotate the working platform. Alternating use and interchanging with the hoist within the same crane can be provided, as well as parking positions when the system is not in use or is being serviced.

2. Overhead arrangement – unrestricted parking configuration and universal fleet mix

The major benefit of teleplatforms in hangars for line maintenance is the overhead operation. This enables access to a wide range of aircraft types in freely selectable parking configurations. Aircraft parked at an angle can be reached just as easily as those in a "nose-in" or "tail-in" position. Furthermore, any aircraft fleet mix can be serviced to offer best possible contribution to the normal daily hangar operations with aircraft inspection or maintenance work, where the type of aircraft often only becomes known at very short notice.

These tremendous benefits make teleplatforms an indispensable tool in modern aircraft maintenance centres. 

3. Quickest aircraft access

Another benefit is the ability to quickly and easily manoeuver the teleplatform, which features a number of safety devices to prevent injuries to the personnel, damage to aircraft, the building or other platforms. No additional devices are necessary for entry on the hall floor, meaning that access for the service personnel is possible with their respective tools in the whole area of the hanger. Set-up times are minimised, as appliance and tool boxes for the next step can be exchanged quickly and easily due to CTI's own, modular design.

4. Latest ergonomic features and safety equipment

CTI teleplatforms come equipped with an integrated collision protection system for all directions of movement. This ensures that the aircraft will not be damaged by the teleplatform. The lifting system works reliably and without problems.

The horizontal movements of the CTI teleplatforms are controlled by an RMC (relative motion control) system, especially developed by CTI for this purpose. This takes account of the current angle of rotation of the working level in relation to the crane axes and allows it to move the same way as the joystick is activated, as long as the radio remote control is housed in the reference panel. Movements, particularly those close to the aircraft, can therefore be controlled extremely safely and ultimately the working speed can also be increased.

Thanks to this user friendly and easy to operate new system, the number of possible operating errors is considerably reduced.

The teleplatform platforms can be equipped with any necessary equipment and media according to invividual needs including:

  • Hot and cold water supply
  • Compressed and breathing air
  • Electrical sockets and lighting with variou technical data
  • Additional jib crane up to approx. 500 KG
  • Safety ropes for fall protection
  • Emergency descent devices
  • Etc.

Particularly in case of aircraft painting applications, each installation is equipped with the necessary explosion protection. 

5. Latest hangar design

If you look at the latest newly constructed hangars, which have been designed for line maintenance and aircraft overhaul work, it can be seen that the majority of the hangar space has been left free in order to be able to to position aircrafts for line maintenance. In a new hangar with up to 4 aircraft spaces, often only one, max. two designated locations have been planned for heavy maintenance and overhaul services and the respective equipment (docks, floor pits etc.). Even this service could be supported by teleplatforms, however.

An additional aircraft paint bay can be planned in an adjacent, seperate building.

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