Warehouse management system

In the area of intralogistics, CTI self-developed WMS-software is used for all CTI automated warehouse systems

Based on most current technological and logistic developments, this WMS is an important part of the Supply Chain management. It computerizes the receipt, storage and movement of goods. Typically a database contains the logical representation of the physical storage facilities. The system calculates all the necessary transactions based on this real-time information about the status of storage utilization.  

The typical structure of a WMS can be divided into

  • Host Interface: interface to an upper level host system for exchanging information required to manage daily operations of the warehouse
  • User Interface: graphical user interface (GUI) with operational screens and functions to realize efficient control and management of the warehouse
  • Reports: summary of relevant warehouse data
  • Material Administration: management of stored material with all its characteristics. It is essential for storage operations
  • Location Management: the logical representation of the physical storage with all the relevant characteristics. It is essential for the storage operation
  • Order Management: management and processing of orders to generate daily operations
  • Material Flow Control: material flow control system coordinates all storage, material handling elements and calculates the entire internal material flow
  • Equipment Control and Execution: real-time control of warehouse automation and material handling equipment
  • Alerts: real-time management of abnormal behaviour and states of warehouse and equipment operation

Key features of the CTI WMS:

  • Modular structure: from the manual warehouse to highly automated logistics center
  • Individuation
    • Multilingual facility
    • Access rights depending on the Login
    • Freely configurable menus
  • Technological base
    • MS SQL Server ®
    • High availability and reliability
  • User interface
    • Object-oriented
    • Future proof C#.Net
  • Interfaces
    • ERP interface
    • Communication to PLC
    • Accessibility of label printers, scales, camera detection


  • High-bay warehouse
  • Satellite storage
  • Long good storage
  • Area storage
  • Just-in-time locations


Warehouse management system
Warehouse management system
Warehouse management system


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