Teleplatforms and cranes

Location: France

For A350 and A380 painting

The purpose of the STTS project was to equip a paint hangar for the new Airbus A350 but that should also fit the entire range on Airbus aircraft up to the A380.

Following this goal, CTI developed and installed the following equipment:

Six teleplatform cranes:

  • 4 cranes runways 88 m length
  • 4 double girder cranes for "fuselage" teleplatforms
  • 2 double girder cranes for "tail" teleplatforms
  • 4 painting teleplatforms (Atex zone II2GT4) "fuselage", maximum work height is 14 m
  • 2 painting teleplatforms (Atex zone II2GT4) "tail", maximum work height is 15,3 m
  • Regenerative power module system for hoisting device

Two taildocks A380 (1 left / 1 right) working height is 15,5 m to 22,5 m:

  • Vertical guide system
  • Horizontal guide system
  • Hoisting device with platform for maintenance access
  • Working platform with slider

The combination of the 4 fuselage bridges and the 2 tail bridges grants an optimal accessibility to all aircraft areas.

Moreover, to ensure maximum flexibility of the building, the last 3 rows of the steelworks were raised to accommodate the tail of an A380.

The addition of docks allows the painting of the upper part of the vertical stabilizer without significantly increasing the height of the building.

The access and the protection of the docks before painting can easily be done via the tail bridges.

A building catwalk, located along the bridge cranes, provides access to the mechanical parts and electrical cabinets of the bridges as well as to the maintenance platform of the teleplatform.

Enhanced coordination between the various project participants allowed to complete this challenge by ensuring timely deliveries.

The result of the project provides the customer with an innovative (current regeneration during braking phases), efficient, compact and flexible facility able to work on multiple aircraft types.

Teleplatforms and cranes - References
Teleplatforms and cranes - References

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