Teleplatforms and cranes

Location: P.R. China

For aircraft maintenance up to A380

CTI designed, engineered, manufactured and installed four cranes, one teleplatform unit and one off 15 ton hoist carrier for aircraft maintenance up to Airbus A380.

  • Working platform size:     6000 x 3500 mm
  • Installation date:              2009
  • Lift height:                        21700 mm

The teleplatform system is installed within the new heavy maintenance double bay hangar. The hangar size allows wide body aircraft maintenance up to A380.

The system consists of four crane bridges and three runways. A carrier transfer between all cranes will be possible with the use of two stationary cross-over units which are installed in a central position between the two bays. The cranes on neighboring runways allow the fuselage and tail docking units to pass. The communication between the equipment is based on WLAN technology with fail safe PLC which guarantees among others easy implementation of CTI developed relative motion control, remote maintenance, visualization for easier maintenance, etc.

The safety of the operator is guaranteed with a selection of systems which include among others fall protection systems, evacuation system and anti-collision systems.

Teleplatforms and cranes - References

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