Teleplatforms and cranes

Location: Germany

For aircraft painting

CTI designed, engineered, manufactured and installed a teleplatform system for painting of aircraft comprising 16 teleplatforms and 20 cranes.

  • Installation date:           2004
  • Lift height:                     23500 mm (4 TPs) and 11500 mm (12 TPs)

The system consists of 4 teleplatforms with a lift height of 23,5 meters to access the fin, 12 teleplatforms with a lift height of 11,5 meters to access the upper surface of fuselage and wings and 20 double girder under-slung cranes which are installed in two identical halls.

The system additionally includes cross-over systems which allow the transfer of the fuselage teleplatforms between the fuselage and wing cranes.

The max. load per teleplatform is 4 people plus additional load of 280 kg.

The proven square mast system could be optimized in terms of proper weight and stiffness.

The safety of the operator is guaranteed with a selection of systems which include among others fall protection systems, evacuation system and respiratory air treatment on platform level. CTI Systems included as first manufacturer worldwide the newly developed relative montion control system in reference to the actual platform position. The platform motion direction follows the pre-selected joystick direction from the operator. This new system reduces due to its simple use the risk of operating errors.

Teleplatforms and cranes - References
Teleplatforms and cranes - References

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