Docking system

Location: France

For heavy maintenance of B777

This dock had to fit for aircraft service to the entire Air France B777- fleet, which include the B777-200, -300 and B777-Freighter-series all under consideration of the existing building constraints.

While applying wing-reconciled aircraft parking in tail-in position, especially the suspended HTP dock had to be adjustable not only in vertical and lateral way, but even more in longitudinal direction, to allow respective stabilizer adaptation. At the same time, roof load limitations had to be considered!

The chosen configuration, grants a stabile wing dock with sloping surface in constant work distance to the aircraft. Comprising three major modules and covering the entire main wing area the dock is designed for fixed in place provision, but optional mobile if required.

The outer wing area is connected by walkways to the building mezzanine area; engine outboard area can be adapted by sliders. Equipped with mobile platform stairs for winglet access, implementation of work benches, storage devices and any required media connectors and fuel extraction hosing all necessary provisions for safe and effective work performance is being granted.

Connected to the Mezzanine area with its integrated tail cone platform sections for APU access, the rear fuselage docks are fixed on ground. While offering sufficient space during docking procedures through sliding platform sections towards aircraft adjacent sides, the dock modules are longitudinal extendable for 8m,  by means of motorized telescoping platforms to grant access up to the wing root area.

The forward aircraft area access is being provided by mobile fuselage and nose docks (each in 2 LH/RH modules), motorized by hydraulic drives for simple and precise positioning close to the aircraft. The landing gear dock is very flexible with three large slider for the undercarriage and hydraulic access for best ergonomic access in this cramped work area.

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