Docking system

Location: France

For maintenance of A320 family

The system consists of four dock modules: two taildocks (left right one side equipped with the hoist), two windocks left right, two landing gear docks left right, two hydraulic docks left right. The dock can be used on the whole A320 family (A318 - A321).

Installation date:    2007

The entire tail and wing sections are covered in most comfortable and ergonomic way for the entire A320 aircraft series (from the A318 to the A321).

The passway and work platforms at the tail dock allow not only heavy duty application and high platform loads, but are also designed to access the forward leading edge of the VTP and adjacent fuselage crown arear in best possible manner.

The integrated installation for electricity and illumination, pressure air supply and garbage collection utilities added by a goods lift in the rear and further equipped with an integrated hoist for rudder handling, makes the taildock a most comfortable service module.

Rudder and elevator tests in docked position can be performed, adaptations can be made due to the hydraulic lift and horizontal drive system, as well as due to sliding platforms in any required position. Wing and landing gear docks and the hydraulic compartment access platform are of coordinated design and fit best to this critical service location. The modules are euipped with any necessary service installations such as sliding platforms for engine adaptation, flaps for integrated fuel tank ventilation, hose access and media supplies.

Aircraft jack positioning with the aircraft in docked position will be possible, also upper wing access.

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