Docking system

Location: Singapore - 2006

For maintenance and overhaul of B747 and B777

The system consists of:

  • Roof suspended tail dock
  • Fuselage docking system
  • 3-level nosedock, fully integrated within the building's mezzanine.

The docking installation allows maintenance and overhaul tasks, but also aircraft painting on any B747 aircraft (B747-100, -200, -300, -400) as well as B777 (B777-200, -300), thanks to the flexible platform sections and bridges and to the high level requirements for painting tasks (explosion-proof electrical equipments, hindrance free access to any aircraft surface).

In addition, the well-proven CTI lift and transfer driving system (successfully experienced in previous cranes and teleplatform systems) together with the lightweight but extremly stiff design allows quickest and safest docking operating times.

Docking System Tail Dock - Docking system

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