Teleplatforms and cranes

Location: Abu Dhabi

For aircraft maintenance up to A380

CTI Systems designed, engineered, manufactured and installed seven (7) double girder bridge cranes, two (2) single girder bridge cranes, three (3) teleplatform units, three (3) off 12 t and two (2) off 2 t hoist carrier for aircraft service and maintenance up to Airbus A380 in ADAT’s hangar no. 6. Working platform size 6,000 x 3,500 m, with a lift height of 22,500 m.

ADAT’s Hangar 6 is open for business. The 46,200 square meters state-of-the-art hangar boasts special design features such as a flexible concept with no fixed docking system, but flexible teleplatforms instead. The included goods hoists are located centrally in each bay and have the capacity to move major aircraft components with ease between floors. ADAT’s new hangar is capable of servicing 3 x A380 or the proportional greater number of smaller aircraft

Teleplatforms and cranes - References
Teleplatforms and cranes - References

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