Teleplatforms and cranes

Location: France

For A350 final assembly

CTI Systems was awarded with the design, engineering, manufacture, testing, installation, commissioning and on-site testing of two teleplatforms for the fuselage zone and one for the tail zone.

Installation date: 2013

This building was designed to allow work activities for final assembly and testing as well as part of the interior installation of the A350 and A380.

The building comprises two identical bays each of which is composed of two symmetrical cells:

Each adjacent cell group is equipped with a dedicated teleplatform in fuselage zone, with the following characteristics: capacity 400 kg, lift height 12m, span 60 m (30.6 m + 29.4 m).

These platforms are covering the fuselage and wings of the aircraft, and can operate either in one or the other cell. The tail zone is equipped with one single teleplatform with the following characteristics: capacity 750 kg, lift height 21 m, span 16 m. It can cover the tail zone of the four cells.

The installed teleplatforms are equipped with a 600 kg jib crane which is required for various finishing and control operations.

The overhead cranes designed for this project are equipped with fully articulated endtrucks allowing a higher freedom degree of the runways in case of building deformations. The tail crane covering the two bays is equipped with specific endtrucks, allowing to cross over an interrupted runway (space of 200 mm) bridging the expansion joint of the building.

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