Teleplatforms and cranes

Location: Singapore - 2010

For aircraft painting of wide body aircraft

Six hangars with 9 aircraft bays servicing Boeing and Airbus aircraft comprise a total of 49700 square metres, which is equivalent to 8 soccer fields.

Each hangar is specialised and well equipped with facilities such as versatile aircraft docking system, overhead cranes and teleplatform system to have full access to the aircrafts during servicing a lead to an increased efficiency and shorter turnaround times for their customers.

CTI Systems installed a paint equipment system comprising 2 teleplatform units and 2 additional double girder crane bridges. The hangar built in year 2002 was equipped with a crane system from CTI Systems and currently undergoes a conversion from maintenance to future aircraft paint hangar.

  • 2 teleplatform units
  • 2 double girder cranes

Platform size:                6100 x 3960 mm (triangular shape)

Teleplatforms and cranes - References

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