Automated distribution center for medium section bundles

Location: United Kingdom

Automatic rackstackers with telescopic forks to handle medium section bundles

The warehouse itself contains four (4) full automatic rackstackers with eight (8) telescopic forks designed to handle up to 24 m long medium section bundles.

It is complemented by a multitude of roller- and chain conveyors, measuring and weighting stations, shuttles and overhead handlings to guarantee the interface directly to production and shipping.

  • Installation date:    2006/2007
  • Capacity:               300 ktpa
  • Storage length:     160 m (to be extended to 240 m)

The automated warehouse, with a length of 160 m (extendable to 240 m), a width of 26 m and a height of 30 m, consists of 24 physical levels of different heights, designed to suit bundles from 6-24 m length, 100-800 mm width, 50-700 mm height and ranging in weight from 0,1-6 to.

There are no well delimited individual locations: in order to optimize space usage to the maximum all bundles are stored continuously and double-deep on all levels with only a minimum gap in between them.

Via a large system of various roller conveyors (including automatic weighing and label application possibility), chain conveyors, buffer conveyors, overhead handlings, shuttle and infeed carriers, the bundles are automatically transported into the warehouse, where they are stored by 4 huge automatic rackstackers into the optimal location within one of the four aisles.

For parallel expedition for up to three trailers at the same time, the bundles will be transported partially via the same system of conveyors to finally arrive in the exactly predefined sequence for each trailer on the output buffer, from where they are transferred into the trailers. A parallel capacity of 60 inputs and 60 outputs per hour is possible, independently of the location of the individual bundle in the warehouse. Besides a large number of PLCs controlling the installation, the entire material flow is managed by the CTI-provided Warehouse Management System based on 2 redundant servery.

Automated distribution center for medium section bundles
Automated distribution center for medium section bundles
Automated distribution center for medium section bundles

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