Automatic production line

Location: P.R. China

For high speed train plant

The system consists of nine Automatic Control Work Platform (ACP) and two Automatic Overhead Carrier (OC) and two Automatic Guide Vehicle (AGV)


  • Automatic Control Work Platform (ACP) 7 tons
  • Automatic Overhead Carrier (OC) 10 tons
  • Automatic Guide Vehicle (AGV) 5 tons

CTI Systems delivered a full automatic bogie production line for a high speed train plant. The high speed train plant builds complete high speed trains for the Chinese market with a speed over 300 km/h. The automatic bogie production line manage the full automatic material flow of the train bogie during the assembly stages. The ACP’s are equipped with a support and lifting units for the main bogie frame and the OC’s equipped with a special lifting frame for the assembled bogie. The AGV are responsible for the material flow of all smaller parts and the wheels set according to the production sequence.

The production line is under control of a CTI management system.

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