Crane system

Location: Germany

For pickle tube bundles

The system consists of two double girder cranes, one handling station and five crossbeams.

  • Installation date:    2005
  • Load capacity:       16 ton

To update the standard of used equipment and safe the work quality in future, CTI delivered in 2005 a semi-automatic crane for pickle tube bundles. The cranes have to transfer the tube bundles to the handling station. The automatic hook mounted crossbeam picks up the bundles by hand of the operator. The operator works with the crane up to a special position compared to the handling station. This position is checked by limit switches. Now the automatic process can start. The two lift carriers move into transfer point and advance the boom to the pick up lug on the beam. The crane hoist moves and lays down the beam. The automatic hooks decouple. The crane can go away and the handling station starts the pickling program. Hand over back to the crane runs in reverse order.

Crane system - References
Crane system - References
Crane system - References

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