High-bay warehouse and AGVs

Location: Luxembourg

For the label manufacturing industry

9 level high-bay warehouse executed in clad rack structure (dimensions: 140 x20 x 20 m) for the fully automated storage of up to 2500 raw material and finished product reels (weight up to 4.5 tons, diameter up to 1.5 m) for the label manufacturing industry, including feeding and unfeeding of the manufacturing installations (spread over the whole site) via a fleet of 9 driveless, laser-guided AGVs.

The whole installation has been delivered as a turnkey system according to the customer's specifications and the scope of delivery includes the whole building (rack structure,heating system, sprinkler system, roof- and wall-cladding, lightning, smoke evacua-tors, etc.), the engineering, production and commissioning of the 2 rackstackers, the 2 supplying shuttles of the receiving area, the complete receiving and the 9 AGVs.

Identification of the reels via barcode scanner as well as the detailed tracking of the rolls by means of the warehouse management system allow at each moment the exact localization and the direct access to each single reel.

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