High-bay warehouse

Location: United Kingdom

Rackstackers and conveying system for wire rod coils

The system consists of five rackstackers with telescopic, double-depth forks, two shuttles with telescopic, single-depth forks, some 100+ roll conveyors, two monorail unload stations, twelve hydraulic lifting tables, eighteen output stations and a 7 level high storage warehouse.

Installation date:     2005

CTI Systems delivered a fully automated, 7 level high-storage warehouse integrated into an existing building for up to 4660 wire rod coils. The process starts at the wire rod mill, from where the coils are individually transported by a CTI monorail system towards the input area to the warehouse. Here up to 106 coils/h are automatically transferred via two unload stations from the monorail to a large system of roller conveyors. From here coils are taken over by 5 rackstackers and stored according to various criteria in the warehouse.

Rackstacker data

  • Speed long travel: 160 m/min
  • Speed hoist: 30 m/min

The rackstackers bring the coils to output conveyor lines which lead to a shuttle area, where two shuttles distribute the coils to 5 groups of stations, where the forklift operator can pick the coils sorted in a way suitable for the truck that he is serving at his particular station group. The complete installation in coordinated and tracked by the CTI Warehouse Control System (WCS).



High-bay warehouse - References
High-bay warehouse - References

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