Monorail transport system

Location: United Kindgom

For wire rod coils

The system consists of approx. 160 m of patent monorail track and corresponding powerbars, seven switches and a monorail control station.

Installation date:    2005

In 2004, CTI Systems realized an extension of an existing CTI monorail system, operational already for about 30 years in order to allow for direct automatic connection to the newly installed automated CTI warehouse and in order to adapt to various other modifications.

The approximately 100 C-hook conveyors traveling on the monorail are transporting steel rod coils with a weight of up to 2.2 t, a diameter of up to 1.3 m and a length of up to 1.7 m.

They pick up the coils individually at the wire rod mill and via the large monorail system, including some 40+ switches, they pass along compactors, cooling tracks, weighing stations, labeling stations, ... directly to the input area of the new automated warehouse.

Here the coils arrive with a temperature of still up to 400°C and at a rate of 106 coils/h.

Prior to being unloaded onto conveyors leading into the warehouse, a check of each individual coil is made by the new CTI monorail control station, realized at the same time than the connection to the warehouse, in order to exclude any entry of an unsuitable coil into the warehouse.

Monorail transport system - References
Monorail transport system - References

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