Multi disc storage system

Location: Germany

For the newspaper printing industry

In 2002, one of the largest regional newspapers in Germany, commissioned the region’s most modern printing centre.

The printing centre was planned and realised as an overall solution.

The new system is closely linked to the new KBA press.The result is a productivity increase of about 20 %.

The CTI Systems MTD Multi Disc storage system between the press hall and post press processing is highly automated and almost operator-free.

Handling relevant Production-Plan data,generated by PPM (Post Press Management System) is sent to the CTI H-MACS (Handling Management and Control System) by network communication link.

H-MACS is a level-2 multi-line handling guidance system which is processing the data-management and the automatic controls of the logistics of the CTI-System Disc handling equipment.

An important PLC-network is achieving level 1 automation, communication and coordination functions for all stationaryand onboard equipment.

CTI Systems implemented as well an unprecedented state-of-the-artlarge scale Fail-safe F-PLC-System for access-control and general safety systems of the Disc-Handling.

The electromechanical DHS-Standard is a customised, floor-free, 5-axis overhead handling system, including logistic shuttle and satellite material handling technology, reaching a high level of efficiency and availability.

Two transfer shuttles, running alongthe 6 lines are providing the necessary inter-line Disc-exchange capability, needed to share newspaper products between the production lines.

CTI Systems MTD-Handling Equipment covers 6 production lines and provides the customer a fully automated damage free handling of the Multi Discs, meeting the production schedule.

Multi disc storage system - References
Multi disc storage system - References
Multi disc storage system - References

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