Stacked warehouse for tube plant

Location: Brazil

Overhead stacking cranes and automated transport car

The system consists of 3 automated overhead stacking cranes and 1 automated transport car which operate together under the control of the CTI-WMS in order to manage the Intermediate Storage (IS) .

The IS serves at the same time as a warehouse for up to 2150 cassettes with a maximum weight of 45 t each, containing non-welded pipes of up to 15 m (i.e. for pipelines), and as the link between the different production phases of these pipes.

The IS, with its length of 600 m and width of 50 m, interfaces the rolling mill with the subsequent production steps located around it, like quench and temper, fast casing, flex line, ...

Based on data interfaces to the different lines, the CTI-WMS coordinates the material flow between the different production units while storing cassettes in stacks of 5 levels high over the complete length of 600 m. 


Stacked warehouse for tube plant
Stacked warehouse for tube plant

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