High-bay warehouse

Location: Luxembourg

Fully automated storage crane to handle the printing cylinders

The system consists of a fully automated storage crane with two telescopic forks mounted on a lift carriage and designed to handle the printing cylinders:

  • input/output tp the printing machine 
  • input/output to the in/outfeed station

The cylinder warehouse is placed in front of the printing machine in order to grant an easy and direct cylinder access. At each product change, the operator enters the new cylinder codes and the crane brings the cylinders to the 10 floor transfer carriers. Those carriers are then moved in the production machine for the exchange with the last production. The cylinders return in the warehouse by the same reverse way. An in/outfeed station is placed at one storage end for cylinder transfers with adjacent units (washing machine, cylinder repair, etc...).

High-bay warehouse - References
High-bay warehouse - References
High-bay warehouse - References

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