Storage system

Location: France

High storage warehouse for chipboard-plywood-MDF and wood boards

The system consists of two high speed automatic rackstackers each supplied with six telescopic forks, four manipulators supplied with vacuum girder, four traversing bogies, one lifter and gravity rollers.

  • Installation date:     2004
  • Capacity:                 3.500 kg

In 2004, CTI Systems delivered a 12 level high storage warehouse. The storage warehouse was executed in cantilever rack structure for HPL laminate, pressed & postformed chipboard-plywood-MDF, wood fiber & wood chip boards. The chaotic storage algorithm, as the piling in the depth, guarantees a high utilization ratio of the storage area. The commissioning of the customized single chip boards package is done via four manipulators, supplied with a vacuum girder, gravity rollers and traversing bogies.

Storage system - References
Storage system - References
Storage system - References

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