Tong cranes

Location: P.R. China

Two double girder special bridge cranes for tube plant

CTI Systems designed, engineered, manufactured and installed two double girder special bridge cranes for tube plant in P.R. China.

Both cranes are equipped with special hydraulic tongs for lifting and transporting of tubes.

The design of the cranes meets the special European and Chinese rules and standards for this kind of equipments.

CTI Systems had to pay special attention to the potential temperature of 1300°c of the tubes.

For this reason, control system of one crane was installed inside air-conditioned bridge girder. The control system of the second crane is installed in an air conditioned container, mounted on a bridge girder.

The span come to 38 m for the second crane.

The capacity of both cranes is 12.5 tons.

Technical data:

  • lifting speed:  up to 12 m
  • crane travel:  up to 120 m/min
  • hoist carrier:  up to 32 m/min
  • slewing:  1,5 u/min

Tong cranes - References
Tong cranes - References

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