Automatic autophoretic coating chemicals, dip and powder coating

Location: Austria

For trailers and agricultural tippers

The material handling system consists of two (2) automatic crane bridges, four (4) automatic cranes and one (1) semi-automatic crane and three (3) push-pull systems for wet paint booths.

For drying the parts from the tank line, CTI Systems delivered two (2) automatic convection driers.

  • Installation date:   2009
  •  Capacity:             12000 kg

In April 2008 was the kick-off meeting for the largest ACC866 surface coating plant around the world.

Parts for agricultural tippers up to a length of 16m can be coated in this new plant.

CTI Systems, well known as provider for cost-effective integrated solutions, designed a fully automated material handling system, interfacing process technology and wet paint booth. The customer is able to change many parameters of the CTI dip and transfer bridges, which results in a high flexibility in coating different parts.

Due to CTI Systems products, based on the latest technology and the highly professional project handling, CTI Systems was asked by the customer to develop and install 2 convection driers for ACC coated parts.

These kind of driers for such big parts never existed before and CTI Systems delivered driers which met absolutely the severe specifications for drying ACC coating parts.

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