Automatic cataphoretic dip, powder coating and wet paint

Location: Germany

For trailers, trailer parts, busses and containers

The system consists of one (1) belt conveyor, five (5) storage systems, nine (9) handling cranes and one (1) turning station.

Installation date:  2007

The customer decided to install a new factory for foam rubber with an assembly line for complete cooling boxes.

The equipment for this factory was delivered by Italy and Germany based companies.

The conveying and storage system between the different manufacturing cells were installed by CTI Systems.

The scope of supply includes nine (9) handling cranes with exhaust air beam, one (1) turning station, approximately 120 m belt conveyor, various roller raceways and one (1) high storage system.

The five (5) parts of the high storage system are well equipped with elevating devices.

The complete system is PLC controlled.

Material and production flow are controlled by MES.

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