Cataphoretic dip and powder installation

Location: Turkey

For trailers and trailer parts

The system consists of five (5) automatic transfer bridges, two (2) automatic transfer shuttles with satellite, one (1) automatic shuttle, (1) automatic powder conveyor, two (2) semi-automatic shuttles, one (1) semi-automatic turning station, one (1) hand drive transfer truning station, one (1) Tarca monorail system with two (2) transfer bridges and ten (10) monorail conveyors, one (1) tilting station and one (1) floor turntable.

In 2008, CTI Systems designed for a European trailer manufacturer a new production plant in Turkey. This design started with the layout of the complete facility (production and administration building and outside areas). After the design phase, CTI Systems assisted the customer in the choice of the construction company in Turkey. CTI was responsible for the supervision of the interfaces between the building, the machinery and all automated processes during the erection period of the facility.

The system starts by the shotblasting process at the end of which the chassis are cleaned from remaining shots through the semi-automatic turning station. From there the chassis or smaller parts are transferred to the input area which is connected to a fully automatic surface treatment process of pretreatment, cathodic e-coating, heat treatment and powder coating for the best corrosion protection. The transfer through the coating processes and to the intermediate buffer zones is ensured by CTI provided automatic transfer bridges, shuttles and conveyors.

Linked to the surface treatment processes is the final assembly line with all working stations to a completed trailer. CTI Systems provided all handling and transport devices from the semi-automatic turning station, patent track monorail system with transfer bridges and monorail conveyors to the tilting station and floor turntable.

Again this installation demonstrates CTI Systems’ capabilities to fully provide automatic manufacturing and coating lines. Moreover all warehouse systems run with the CTI self-developed Warehouse Management System software. And the manufacturing operations can be controlled by the CTI Manufacturing Execution System software with link to the ERP system.


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