Chemical milling

Location: Germany

For aircraft manufacturer

Extension of the current installation of the chemical milling by the fifth milling center and optimization of the existing MES system.

Due to an increase of production rates, the aircraft manufacturer decided to extend the chemical milling process by another milling center.

In addition to this extension CTI was asked to optimize the existing MES system enabling the increase of production rates.

  • The extension of the handling system consists of:
    • 1 automatic crane to transport the buffer devices through the tank line
    • 1 working platform with a lifting device
    • Extension of one conveyor line
    • 1 fixation station
    • Integrating the fifth center into the existing MES system
    • 4 buffer devices
    • 2 active tanks
    • 1 rinsing tank
    • 2 reservoirs
    • Exhaust air treatment
  • Retrofit of the existing installation (PLC Level)
  • Optimization of the existing MES system

Chemical milling - References

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