Fully automated paint shop facility

Location: Brazil - 2011

Automated coating installation with connection to manufacturing and assembly

The project consists in implementing a complete automated coating installation with direct connection to existing part manufacturing (downstream) and assembly (upstream).

This “Green Field” installation is a “State of the Art” system which provides high flexibility and better work environment. As a turnkey project the scope of supply includes the building (approx. 158 x 46 x 19 m) as well as all necessary process equipment for an efficient and energy-optimized paint process.

The tank line is set up with a 13 stage immersion wash and e-coat system including boilers, chillers, mixing equipment, drainage system, pumps, oil separators and magnetic filters. Furthermore there is a spray line with pretreatment, Fe-phosphatizing, powder paint booths with automatic and manual application systems, chamber curing ovens for e-coat process, powder painting and a water dryer for the spray line. The system can clean and paint metal up to a capacity of 23 tons/hour.

The entire paint shop is equipped with automated material handling devices from CTI Systems including 5 tankline transfer bridges, 1 tankline bridge, 4 distribution transfer bridges, 7 elevators as well as loading/unloading stations. The system can handle part sizes up to 12,5 x 2 x 3 m and up to a weight of 1,5 tons. The entire material flow process is automated and under control of software developed by CTI Systems.

In addition, the transport of parts from manufacturing to the paintshop line will be done by the use of  automated guided vehicles. The AGVs have full omnidirectional capabilities and can drive in transport-, rotation- or 3D-modes. AGVs can be controlled manually or automatically in a second phase. The flat bed type AGV carriers offer a payload of 3,4 metric tons in this particular case.

The equipment ensures a consistent durable finish and reduces the risk of corrosion.

This technology will be applied across the full product offering of combines, tractors and various parts manufactured at the Brazilian plant.

Fully automated paint shop facility
Fully automated paint shop facility
Fully automated paint shop facility

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