Production plant

Location: Turkey - 2003

For coaches with pre-treatment, e-coating, wet and powder paint shops

The system consists of a skid, twenty-seven (27) roller conveyors, one (1) skid stacker, one (1) tipping system, one (1) crane e-coat, two (2) crane transfer stations, two (2) lift stations, three (3) cross-shuttle platforms and one (1) cross-shuttle with satellite.

    Capacity:                8000 kg

CTI delivered a new bus paint shop pre-treatment and e-coating line to a manufacturer in Turkey. The busses and the spear parts are placed in the body and white shop on the conveyor technique, run through the pre-treatment/e-coating line and take later over to the paint shop. The commands are transmitted to the cranes, roller conveyors, lift and tilt stations via a Profibus net.

Production plant - References
Production plant - References
Production plant - References

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