Surface treatment plant

Location: Netherlands

For steel structures

The system consists of four (4) automatic rack stacking crane bridges, 100 transport storage jigs, 500m roller conveyors, four (4) transfer cars, an automated shot blast installtion and a manual and robotized wet paint booth.

  • Installation date:                2008
  • Capacity stacker cranes:   25000 kg
  • Maximum load size:           23000 x 3600 x 1000 mm

CTI delivered an automatic installtion which allows the customer to paint up to 3000 t of steel structures per day.

The steel structures are directly unloaded from a truck into the transport and storage jig. Rack stacker cranes are unsed to stack the transport jigs before and after each process step. High duty roller conveyores are used to transport the material on the jigs through the process installations like shot blast and robotized paint booth.

The storage is also used to cure the paint on the steel structures. After curing, the material could either be stored or directly loaded on a trailer.

Surface treatment plant - References
Surface treatment plant - References
Surface treatment plant - References

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