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Even after putting our systems into operation, we like to continue to support our customers. At CTI, you will find a full range of services guaranteeing trouble-free and reliable operation.

CTI Systems is pleased to carry on working with you even once the system has been put into operation.

We offer our customers a service tailored to their needs for the entire life cycle of the installation. Our service package minimizes downtimes, increases productivity-, and product quality and maintains the value of your facility over the long-term.


Downtimes and maintenance costs can be reduced to a minimum by inspections that are carried out systematically.

During the inspection, qualified CTI staff perform measurements to analyze and evaluate the current status of the system.

The aim is to avoid failures and downtime, to detect imminent malfunctions early and to correct possible sources of errors. 

We hand over a full documentation and description of the system regardless of whether it involves testing the electrical and mechanical functions, checking wear parts, determining the need for maintenance or to carry out recurring checks.

Moreover, the provide a free quote for any necessary repairs or spare parts.


The CTI Systems customer service guarantees permanent and long-term availability and performance.

Even the best equipment can only withstand the high stresses and strains of everyday operation, if it is regularly inspected and serviced.

We know exactly what to look out for to prevent machine failures and lower repair costs. If a part is damaged, we make sure it is replaced quickly.

Wear parts must be replaced regularly and settings checked and adjusted if necessary. CTI Systems carries out this maintenance work in manufacturer quality so that equipment maintains its value for decades. Our long years of experience enable us to complete this work quickly and reliably.

We adapt our range of service and maintenance work to the individual needs of our customers and their installations.

Upon request, we can take care of the complete maintenance.


CTI Systems' trainers familiarise the customers' employees directly with their installations and communicate their practical know-how.

With our staff assessment forms we analyze the knowledge and skill set that the employees already have and develop corresponding training schedules and measures. After our training, the personnel know exactly how they can make full use of the potential of their installations.

In our theoretical training sessions we pass on comprehensive information about plant engineering, maintenance and technical processes. From the machine operator to the manager, - we prepare our customers systematically with a long-term view for optimal operation of the facilities in the future.

With CTI Systems you can be sure to get the best possible benefits from your installation.

  • Start-up support
  • Production supervision
  • Theoretical training
  • Practical training on-site 
Customer service - Customer support
Customer service - Customer support
Customer service - Customer support
Customer service - Customer support