Chemical milling/Galvanic coating

CTI provides a vast experience for chemical milling and galvanizing of bulky aluminium parts especially for aeronautic applications, i.e. fuselage panels.

According to individual requirements of treatment procedure, part dimensions and throughput, CTI designs customized solutions for chemical milling and galvanizing plants, especially for the aircraft manufacturing.

The solution could be dip or spray application or a combination of both.

All auxiliary equipment necessary to operate the plant are supported by the CTI design:

  • Water treatment
  • Demin water generation
  • Filter
  • Degreasing
  • Pickling

For fully automatic processes, CTI Systems supplies:

  • The complete process equipment
  • The whole automated floor-based and/or overhead transport equipment
  • The complete intralogistics systems that connect the different steps of the process
  • Control by WMS and MES with connection to ERP systems
  • Process visualization and data acquisition

Upon request CTI Systems also integrates equipment and technology provided by others.


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