The customized turnkey surface treatment installations comprise material handling systems, storage/buffer systems and all various coating processes

Performing as general contractor CTI Systems takes care of the design of the individual customized concept, the detailed engineering, manufacturing and the installation of the entire system.

The supported and integrated processes are:


  • Shot blasting
  • Degreasing (dip and spray)
  • Pickling
  • Iron or zinc phosphatizing
  • Nano surface treatment
  • Conversion layer deposition
  • Waste water treatment

Paint techniques

  • Cataphoretic coating (E-coat / KTL)
  • Autophoretic coating (ACC)
  • Powder coating
  • Wet paint coating

Curing & drying

  • Chamber ovens
  • Continuous ovens
  • Infrared dryers
  • Air cleaning systems

Chemical milling/galvanic coating

Conveyors & transport systems


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