Painting facilities

According to the individual requirements of coating procedure, product sizes and throughput, CTI designs customized solutions for painting lines.

The turnkey painting facility may be a dip or spray method or a combination of both.

Common painting techniques are:

  • Catophoretic dip coating (E-coat)
  • Autophoretic dip coating (ACC)
  • Powder coating (automatic and/or manual)
  • Wet paint coating (robotized and/or manual)

All external operating facilities can be supported by CTI: 

  • Paint and powder booths
  • Separation (dry or wet)

From manual to fully automatic painting processes, CTI Systems supplies:

  • complete process equipment
  • allautomated floor-based and/or overhead transport equipment
  • complete intralogistics systems that connect the different steps of the process
  • control by WMS and MES with connection to ERP systems
  • process visualization and data acquisition

Upon request CTI Systems also integrates equipment and technology from other manufacturers.


Paint systems_powder spraying of trailer chassis
Paint systems_automatic powder spraying
Painting facilities - Surface Treatment
Painting facilities - Surface Treatment
Painting facilities - Surface Treatment