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The rapid and on-going transformative changes impacting the space sector require new industrial thinking 

Driven by significant advances in technology, the entrepreneurial spirit of a number of wealthy business people and renewed interest from the Governments of some of the world’s most powerful countries, space travel is once again under the spotlight on the global stage.

The rapid and on-going transformative changes impacting the space sector require new industrial thinking and CTI Systems offers innovative solutions that support the cutting-edge production techniques which are enabling the aerospace industry to set ever more ambitious – but increasingly realistic – targets for space exploration and even tourism.

From dedicated product handling, trough warehousing and storage systems to fully integrated final assembly solutions, CTI Systems’ products and projects always put safety first.

CTI Systems is working in close partnership with the aerospace industry to meet the sector’s future challenges head on and, in doing so, we are defining solutions to the manufacturing and maintenance processes of tomorrow.

Products and Solutions

Handling systems     Optimum material flow is decisive for the efficiency of any production process and to meet the unique and highly specialised requirements of the aerospace industry, CTI Systems has developed a comprehensive collection of crane systems to suit applications where heavy loads, sensitive materials or bulky goods are transported.

The range includes:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Portal cranes
  • Process cranes (automatic cranes)
  • Interlocking cranes
  • Monorail handling systems

In addition, a host of handling systems for vital surface treatment applications such as priming, painting, curing and drying and chemical milling and galvanising is available.

Access Systems   Throughout every step of the production process or maintenance regime CTI Systems’ well-proven range of Teleplatforms, Docking Systems and Aerial Jib Platforms (AJP) provide easy and safe access for aerospace engineers at factory and hangar installations worldwide.

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