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Our Values

Health and safety, customer focus, innovation and team spirit are the four guiding principles and fundamental beliefs at the heart of all CTI Systems' activities

Health and Safety

More than a priority - a way of thinking

Ensuring health and safety of our employees and protecting our environment are fundamental company and group values that have directly contributed to our long-term success. This mindset triggers our way of thinking in all project stages, from design to activity planning and execution, and shall not be overruled by other priorities or considerations.

In particular, our people are the most essential asset of our company; we therefore believe that it is our duty to prevent any work-related injuries and illnesses to the utmost possible extent.

Customer Focus

Performing in project execution - being supportive to our customers

Ensuring customer satisfaction through every stage of a project is essential. Starting at the initial bidding phase, CTI’s commitment continues throughout the equipment installation process to the project’s successful conclusion and handover.

Thanks to CTI’s acclaimed after-sales services, our customer care goes beyond the commissioning and final acceptance period and extends through the lifetime of the equipment in operation.


Proposing attractive solutions to customers

As a technology-driven company, CTI Systems strives to constantly bring fresh solutions to the market. Whether it is a completely new development or a significant upgrade to an established design, our focus in innovation always lies on addressing our customers’ pain points and identified challenges.

CTI’s agile approach towards highly tailor-made technological developments has repeatedly proven to bring real bottom-line benefits to our clients coming from across a wide range of industry sectors.

Team Spirit

We can only be successful as a team

Complex projects typically require a close co-operation between groups or individuals with very different skills sets and competences. It is thereby vitally important that all parties involved work together as a team, to the benefit of the project.

Driven by our professional commitment, our positive mind towards the project as the ultimate goal to be achieved shall provide us with the extra-energy sometimes needed to address unexpected challenges that may occur.

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