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Storage Systems

Make optimum use of the available storage space

Fulfilling the demands of every unique application

In many countries throughout the world, good quality, industrial buildings with ample floorspace are in short supply. As a result, it is essential to make optimum use of every single cubic metre of storage space available – from the floor to the eaves - within each facility.

No matter how bulky, heavy or unusually-shaped the products that are being stored may be, CTI Systems always uses the most appropriate technology to design bespoke storage solutions that fulfill the demands of every unique application.

High-bay Storage Systems

While often a feature of new clad-rack building projects, high-bay storage systems can also be designed to operate within existing facilities. Solutions can be developed that are compatible with the physical dimensions of the customer’s site as well as the characteristics of the products stored within it. The aisles of high-bay storage systems are served by stacker cranes that access each storage position or picking location and can operate up to a height of 40 metres.

High-bay warehouses can – among other solutions - feature Honeycomb or Cantilever racking. Honeycomb storage is a proven solution at sites where long products are stored in depth and direct access to the product is required. However, depending on the product, Cantilever racking may represent the best option. Facilitating easy storage and retrieval of even the most complex or bulky materials of almost any length, Cantilever arms are connected to the upright sections of the racking structure to create the required storage levels.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Capable of moving items weighing as much as 40 tonnes at speeds of up to 20 metres per minute, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) technology increases productivity and minimises picking and put-away errors.

AS/RS can be configured to meet a user’s load capacity, the size of the storage system and the type of products being handled – and this flexibility makes the technology suitable for a wide range of applications across many different industry sectors.

The right material handling equipment is fundemental to the efficient performance of any busy production facility.

Lift and Run Dynamic Storage System

CTI Systems has pioneered lift and run dynamic storage technology for long profiles. Designed for facilities where a significant number of different product lines have to be organised and processed, sophisticated lift and run solutions are an ideal choice for production sites where batches of profile have to be prepared for trimming. The systems are particularly suitable for the manufacturing and construction sectors.

Consisting of a highly innovative combination of honeycomb racking served by high speed shuttles and goods lifts, lift and run storage systems deliver ultra-efficient long profile handling performance and optimum flow speeds to ensure minimum ‘dead time’ at every stage of the production process.

The main characteristics of lift and run dynamic storage systems are:

  • A storage capacity of between 50 and 400 storage locations;
  • Dynamic throughput capacity ranging from 60 to120 combined cycles per hour;
  • Modular, flexible and scalable solutions to match your business’s needs;
  • Compatibility with other storage systems and automated or operator-controlled picking devices.

Stacked Storage System

Because no racking structure is required, floor-stacked storage schemes are a cost-efficient solution. Loads are simply stacked at floor level – one on top of another or in cassettes. Depending on the product, stacking heights of 6 or 7 levels can be achieved with this highly compact solution – which is widely used at facilities where floor space is restricted. CTI Systems' warehouse management software ensures access to the required load.

Floor Storage Systems

When a building’s floor-to-eaves height is too restricted to accommodate high-bay storage technology, CTI Systems can design automated storage systems that store materials directly on to the facility’s floor. Suitable for many different industries and product-types, floor storage systems are usually served by automated overhead cranes. Offering fast and direct access, each CTI floor storage system is designed to suit site conditions and the application’s throughput requirements.

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