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Teleplatforms offer for the aviation industry an ideal access solution for aircraft painting

Since their original launch back in 1974, CTI Systems' Teleplatforms have proved time and again that they offer the aviation industry an ideal access solution for aircraft painting. Quite simply, with their limitless maneuverability, no other piece of access equipment enables aircraft painting tasks to be undertaken more safely or speedily than a CTI Systems Teleplatform.

Minimising set up times

When lowered to floor level, the CTI Systems Teleplatform is easily accessed by service technicians, while specially configured storage spaces, mean that, for example, toolboxes, can be quickly, easily and safely carried on to a platform and securely stowed at the beginning of each work-cycle.

Ground level access also enables personnel to prepare the equipment and materials that they need to complete paint stripping, sanding, washing, cleaning, masking and painting tasks in advance – also at ground level.

Furthermore, because workers do not require additional devices or structures to step on-to or off-of the workplatform, the Teleplatforms can be sited within any hangar.

So, when it comes to the aircraft painting process, Teleplatforms offer several advantages:

  • Unhindered access to work areas coupled with the absence of dock structures ensure fast operational readiness and, therefore, greater efficiency;
  • The Teleplatforms ability to operate freely along the length of the aircraft allows ‘wet-in-wet’ painting, while time-consuming interruptions to the paint process are eliminated;
  • The Teleplatforms Relative Motion Control technology’s intuitive, operator-friendly action, delivers speedy – yet perfectly controlled – movement.


Unlike fixed platforms that are positioned tight against the aircraft’s fuselage, Teleplatforms permit unrestricted air flow at down draft or horizontal draft venting outlets. This improves air quality within the working environment, minimises paint waste and delivers a better quality finish.

The Teleplatform’s design means light quality within the hangar is not compromised and the paint technician’s performance is not negatively impacted by shadows at upper dock level.

With Teleplatforms paint does not accumulate between the platform and the aircraft – as it does with fixed dock-based access systems. As a result, unacceptable paint dripping is not an issue.

Safety and Ergonomics

Teleplatforms can be used in combination with CTI Systems’ advanced distance control technologies – Block Shape Control and Twin Scan Control. These intelligent solutions are designed to avoid any physical contact between a platform and the aircraft.


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