Access Platforms for Production Lines

Access Platforms for Production Lines

To make certain that personnel have safe and comfortable access to the section of the aircraft on which they are working, stationary and mobile work platforms are deployed at every stage of the production process

Designed to operate at different heights and offered with a choice of load capacities

The CTI Systems platform range features models that are perfectly suited to a host of assembly line roles, including working on the fuselage, wheel wells or landing gear, engines, wings and tail fins.

CTI Systems’ work platforms guarantee a secure and stable work base and to ensure production staff are comfortable, safe and efficient at all times, a range of equipment can be incorporated into a platforms’ design. This includes:

  1. Hot and cold water supply
  2. Connections for compressed air and breathable air
  3. Vacuum system
  4. Power sockets and lighting
  5. Safety ropes and harness
  6. Ventilation devices
  7. Folding railings
  8. Extendable & foldable platforms for greater working radius
  9. Interface to MES & ERP systems

If required, extendable supports are available for additional safety.

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