Transport  and Handling Systems

Transport and Handling Systems

Within any just-in-time manufacturing environment where aircraft are being built, it is essential that component parts arrive at the location where they are needed at the precise time they are required

Support every stage of an aircraft’s production process

CTI Systems supplies an extensive range of devices and equipment to support every stage of an aircraft’s production process – from the safe movement and transfer between production lines of bulky fuselage sections to the accurate and timely line-side delivery of component parts for final assembly.

CTI Systems' collection of transport and handling products includes:

  • Interface racks
  • Rotating and elevator stations
  • Mobile racks
  • Cargo boarders
  • Crane units
  • Mono- and bi-rail systems
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

All processes – whether manual, semi- or fully-automated – are adaptable, so any size or shape of component can be handled and stored safely and efficiently, while predefined interface technology allow a seamless integration with the existing MES & ERP systems.


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